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NY Jets: Sign of the Line

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Run blocking has been a struggle for the Jets all season. No back not named Chris Ivory is averaging over 3.6 yards per carry. Ivory himself has had to create a lot of his yardage on his own by bouncing runs outside when he has no room. When Ivory has been banged up and lacked the explosion to do so, his production has been pedestrian.

When a back is stopped for no yards, in most cases the offensive line is the biggest culprit. It means the back is contacted before he gets past the line of scrimmage. Sometimes the back misses a hole. Sometimes he waits too long. I have noticed a bit of a tendency in Ivory to dance behind the line of scrimmage too frequently waiting for something to open rather than lower his shoulder and grind out a few yards. Still, more often than not the line is the blame for a play that does not net yardage.

I decided to take a look at the rates the top twenty rushes in the league get stuffed for zero or negative yards on a run. What I found was the Jets' run blocking failed Ivory. He had the second most total such runs, and they were happening at the third highest rate.

Player Team Rushes No Gain/Loss Percentage
Forsett BAL 151 38 25.1655629
Yeldon JAX 171 42 24.5614035
Ivory NYJ 195 47 24.1025641
Gore IND 194 46 23.7113402
McCoy BUF 173 41 23.699422
Peterson MIN 245 57 23.2653061
Hillman DEN 157 34 21.656051
Gurley STL 173 37 21.3872832
Miller MIA 139 29 20.8633094
Johnson ARI 196 39 19.8979592
Freeman ATL 181 35 19.3370166
Martin TB 227 43 18.9427313
Ingram NO 166 31 18.6746988
McFadden DAL 183 34 18.579235
Williams PIT 141 26 18.4397163
Forte CHI 172 30 17.4418605
Stewart CAR 232 39 16.8103448
Murray OAK 199 32 16.080402
Rawls SEA 141 16 11.3475177
Blount NE 166 18 10.8433735

The Jets might be spending a lot of their cap space on the offensive line, but they are not getting production to match the investment.