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Jets Fight Back In NFL Power Rankings

Week 13 is in the books and what an eventful week it was. The Jets fought back to beat the Giants in OT. The Eagles took down the Patriots, the Bears blew it against 49'ers, the Bills continued to realize that throwing to Sammy Watkins is a good idea and Aaron Rodgers threw the most perfect of Hail Mary passes you're ever likely to see...oh and the Titans/Jaguars game was probably the most entertaining of the lot. All in a weeks work for the NFL.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So after a week of such drama and entertainment, the media experts are back with the power rankings.

As always, don't read too much into these, and if you hate them, well look away now. I'm sure you'll disagree with plenty of analysts here, but the Jets are moving in the right direction.

We did some good things on offense and some good things on defense, we were mostly horrible on special teams but we found a way to win. Lets hope this win fills the team with confidence.

As always, this thread will be updated with Power Rankings when they are released, so check back often throughout the day.

Lets start with the SB Nation ranking where Danny Kelly ranks us down at 9th place, meaning we climbed two spots from last weeks 11th following the win against the Giants.

Yahoo Sports - 12th (Last Week 14th)

I'm going to share a secret. We're all friends here, right? Nobody's going to mad? OK. I really want the Steelers to make the playoffs over the Jets. Sorry Jets, it would just be more fun that way.

Michigan Live - 12th (Last Week 15th)

Down 10 points in the fourth quarter, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick led two long scoring drives to send it to overtime where the Jets finished off the Giants. (Last week: 15) - 13th (Last Week 14th)

Gut-check win for the pesky Jets, who simply won't go away in the AFC. A big reason: They have one of the top receiver duos in the NFL. On the set of NFL Now's "NFL GameDay Blitz" on Sunday, we could not think of a better pair this season than Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, who have been more consistent than the Steelers' duo of Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant (due to QB injuries and Bryant's suspension to start the season) and more productive than the Broncos' duo of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders (mostly because of quarterback issues). Marshall and Decker combined for 20 catches for 232 yards and an uber-important touchdown in the Battle for Snoopy.