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AFC Playoff Picture: Who's Got The Inside Track?

The Jets are right in the thick of it, with a mixed bag of fixtures to come, how does everyone else shape up?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As Scott pointed out earlier today, the Jets currently hold the 6th seed in the AFC play-offs. Now it's important to not get too carried away with this, as four games in the NFL is a lifetime. Anything can and will happen. Just look at the Eagles beating the Patriots as proof of that, and the Saints running the Panthers close. However it's common to look at the remaining schedule to see who has the advantage. So lets take a look at the remaining schedules for the AFC teams in the Play-Off Wild Card mix.

Team Opponents Left My Prediction
New York Jets vs Titans, @ Cowboys, vs Patriots, @ Bills 3-1
Kansas City Chiefs vs Chargers, @ Ravens, vs Browns, vs Raiders 4-0
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Bengals, vs Broncos, @ Ravens, @ Browns 2-2
Houston Texans vs Patriots, @ Colts, @ Titans, vs Jaguars 2-2
Buffalo Bills @ Eagles, @ Redskins, vs Cowboys, vs Jets 1-3

Take those predictions with a grain of salt, it's near impossible to predict NFL results, especially divisional games. If I'm looking at that, I'm saying the Chiefs have the inside track to the playoffs. They have a Chargers team that fails to score against any decent defense at the moment, a Ravens team led by Matt Schaub who throws more pick 6's than TD's...a Browns team who is falling apart at the seams and an Oakland team at home, who they just beat on the road.

The Jets have a stumbling block this week against Tennessee...I'm never confident when we face athletic QB's. If we can win that and the game in Dallas against a banged up Cowboys team, I think we beat either the Patriots at home or the Bills on the road. It's always tough to beat a divisional opponent on the road, but with everything on the line, I'll take this team over the team in Buffalo.

Pittsburgh have the hardest schedule and their play-off chances will rest on the next fortnight. If the Jets and Chiefs go 2-0 over that period and the Steelers fail to beat a tough Bengals team on the road and a resurgent Broncos team at home, then that spells danger. Luckily for the Steelers they have the best deep passing game in the league, so they can score in bunches.

Houston have a big task this week against New England, despite the Patriots losing two on the bounce. They then face the Colts, who will probably have Andrew Luck back, and then two divisional games against teams they should beat, but personally I think they'll drop one of those games. I'm not buying Houston quite yet.

Buffalo has two very difficult match-ups on the road coming up with the resurgent Eagles and the Redskins who are 5-1 at home. They do have two home games to finish the season against the Cowboys who will be led by Matt Cassell and the Jets, who will give them everything they have.

It's always tough to predict, but how do you see the play-offs unfolding?