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Jets Week 13 Game Ball: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Al Bello/Getty Images

I am going to break both of my rules for the game ball this week. Whenever possible, I try to avoid giving it to the quarterback or to repeat winners. Sometimes that is not possible. This is one of those times. My game ball goes to Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for the second consecutive week.

Fitzpatrick threw for 390 yards, which was the most in a single game for a Jets quarterback in a decade and a half. He did it in a game where his offensive line was dominated for much of the contest, and he took numerous hits. With the Jets trailing by 10 late in the fourth quarter, he engineered a pair of scoring drives to tie the game and then another in overtime to win the game. He made key throw after key throw and kept the Jets alive with a fourth down scramble.

I don't think you could go wrong with Brandon Marshall for the game ball, but this was not a case of Marshall propping up the quarterback. Eric Decker also went for over 100  receiving yards, and Bilal Powell went for over 90. Fitzpatrick was making the right reads and the accurate throws. He carried the Jets to a win.

That is why he gets my game ball. Who gets yours?