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Ryan Fitzpatrick Threw for Most Yards by Jets QB Since 2000

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw four touchdown passes against the Dolphins. It was the first time a Jets quarterback had thrown four touchdown passes in a game in four years. Against the Giants, Fitzpatrick threw for 390 yards. That is the most in recent Jets history.

It is tough to believe just two weeks ago that calls for Fitzpatrick's benching were gaining steam. He has played really well two weeks in a row. The effort against the Giants was particularly impressive because the offensive line's play was uneven for long stretches of this game.

I think the last two weeks have cemented Fitzpatrick's hold on the starting job. Barring something unforseen, the starting job over the final four weeks of the season is going to belong to him. The Jets will go as far as they can with him.