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Wilkerson Benched For Being Late To A Team Meeting

Well you can't say that Bowles doesn't hold his players accountable.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jets came out for the first Giant series, everyone noticed that big #96 was missing. However with him being active and looking healthy on the sideline, nobody knew why.

According to numerous reports, Wilkerson was benched for the 1st quarter of the Jets/Giants game for turning up late to a team meeting. Although it hasn't been confirmed by anyone in house, that is the accepted version of events.

Speaking after the Victory, Bowles said that it was a coaching decision and the team respects Mo, but it had been handled in house and that was the end of it. Which seems fair enough to me.

Accountability is a hot trend around the Jets, mainly because we've got from a regime where nobody was held accountable, to one where everyone is...even one of your best players.