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Jets vs. Giants Game Thread

Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets and the Giants only face each other in a game that matters once every four years. Today the two New York teams meet in the Meadowlands. The Giants are technically the home team, but this is not a typical road game for the Jets. They did not have to travel. There is sure to be a healthy number of Jets fans in the stands. The Jets are even using their regular locker room in MetLife Stadium.

There is business at hand in this game. Both teams are in the thick of a Playoff race. A win would be a big boost for either side, and a loss would hurt. That is the way things were four years ago when these teams last met. The Giants won on Christmas Eve, a victory that launched a Super Bowl run. Today's game for the Jets isn't really about revenge. Both teams have changed a lot since that day. It is about not repeating the same fate, a damaging December loss.

Leave your thoughts below. As always, we ask you to neither ask for nor provide links to illegal broadcasts of this or any other NFL game over the internet.