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Bowles Explains Red Zone Approach

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Yesterday Jets head coach Todd Bowles was asked about the team's success in the red zone so far this season.

You (don’t) want to lose games with red zone, two minute and third downs. When we first started in the spring, one of the things we wanted to focus on was red zone and third downs, so we started practicing red zone right off the top before anything else and it’s been paying off once we got down there.


Just being around coach (Bruce) Arians and coach Bill Parcells, it was one of the things we harped on.

I get the feeling sometimes emphasis in practice can make a big difference. The last time the Jets had a really effective red zone offense was 2011. If you read the book on that Jets team, Collision Low Crossers, you might remember how Rex Ryan changed his practice approach to red zone situations after consulting with three-time Super Bowl winning coach Joe Gibbs.