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Brandon Marshall Wants To Retire As A New York Jet

The first masterstroke of Mike Maccagnan's reign was trading a 5th round pick for Brandon Marshall.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall has been a revelation with the Jets, some would say the perfect team mate. He has been dominant on the field and a perfect role model off it. He performs and he teaches, and as we highlighted earlier this week, he has several Jets records in his sights.

Yesterday Todd Bowles spoke about Fitzpatrick and him bouncing around the league, trying to find the right fit, the right home. The same can be said for Marshall, although he's only been on four teams, he seems to have found a home in New York. A place where if you perform on the field, the fans will love you, and if you're interested in new business ventures, opportunity is right on your doorstep.

The jets have waited a long time for someone of Marshall's ability to arrive, and who would have thought that true #1 receiver would come courtesy of a 5th round draft pick. Marshall has 71 receptions (8th in the league), 931 yards (7th in the league), 9 touchdowns (2nd in the league). He averages 84.6 yards per game (10th in the league).. In short, he has been everything we wanted and more.

Despite early career troubles in Denver and some controversial moments along the way, Marshall is at peace with his new team, his new organization. Speaking to Manish Mehta of the NY Daily news, he said:

"Once the Jets say, ‘We don't need you anymore,' I'm going to venture off into that world (Business/Television)," Marshall told the Daily News. "I'm not playing for another team. Four is all I need. It's too hard to make new friends and relationships and deal with different egos. I don't like the business already. So I'm not trying to deal with that."

This will be my last team. So whether that’s another year or if they keep me another five or six, I’ll be in shape to do it."

Marshall is signed through the 2017 season, making $9.5 million in 2016 and $7.5 million in 2017. if he continues to play the way he is and if he can maintain his performance into his mid thirties, there is no reason to suggest the Jets won't look to extend him. With his commitment to staying in shape and the type of game he plays, he could continue to play for years to come:

My game is not built on speed," said Marshall, who's under contract through 2017. "For me, it's what I was born with: my size, my strength. My separation is an inch. It's being able to use my leverage to get open. That's all I need. So I can play as long as I want

The Jets love Brandon Marshall, and it seems as though Marshall loves the Jets. He's aiming to take us places he's never been before...the NFL Playoffs.