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Marshall & Decker Are Unstoppable

The Jets offense continues to pile up great stats around their two stud wideouts. Marshall and Decker combined for 3 touchdowns keying a Jets win against the Patriots.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The Jets took a ton of shots deep last week. Most were about a half to full step too far otherwise the score could have been a lot different. They did manage one huge deep pass-- and it's not the catch and run from Enunwa. On the other hand. the Jets offense in the redzone has been pretty solid. It seems the last two or three weeks the Jets have figured a way to get their guys open in the short field. It used to be Marshall up top or Decker across the middle, but lately it's been arrow/pylon routes that have given other teams issues. It's fun watching an offense that can put together some long drives.

Let's go back a week. In fact, let's go right back to the Chalkboard I did this time last week. Remember the Decker TD? Guess what the first touchdown was about as close to the same play as you can get. The only difference - the Receiver and the pick guy.

Last week it was Decker in motion this time it's Marshall. He runs a straight arrow route toward the pylon. Enunwa, which is tough on spellcheck but also on opposing corners is the guy setting the pick.

The Pats are in man coverage making this a perfect defense for this particular playcall. Marshall comes across while Quincy does a bit of maneuvering, getting himself right in position to block the path of the man trying to cover Marshall.

He does a good job, giving Marshall ample room to get the pass, stay inbounds and put the ball over the goalline for a quick TD.

Credit Chan here, he went right back to what works. I'd wager to bet if we get in the redzone the next time, the pass will go to the slot guy running a little slant. The defense will be too busy jumping on the underneath route to see it coming.


Marshall wasn't done, making a world class play to snag a pass from Fitz. Whether or not it was a good pass is debatable, because where it was thrown, the defense had no chance.

The Jets line up in bunch left with a single WR right and a running back to the right. Marshall runs a deep double move seam route while Decker runs a deep post and up. The top WR runs a simple go route. Underneath, the wideout runs an underneath route across the middle of the field while the back runs the safety valve option.

The Pats play cover two man, keeping two defenders deep and playing man underneath, hoping for a coverage sack. Check out the protection though, there's no one on the QB.

Marshall runs a double move and gets the underneath corner to bite a bit. The safety is now the only man deep and to the inside. The corner is basically out of the play, short of an under throw to the outside.

Here's where I'm not sure if this was planned or not. Marshall undercuts the safety who is still trying to get in front of rather than be to the side. The pass was under thrown, but the defenders momentum would take him out of the play unless he was watching the QB where it would be an easy pick.

My guess is Fitz threw it where he wanted and trusted Marshall to make the catch.


Late in the game, it was Decker's turn to be a hero. Again let's all credit Chan on this play, what a great call near the goal line.

The Jets lined up with 4 Wide, two to either side. Decker runs a corner route while the outside WR runs a one yard in route. Marshall does the same on the other side while the slot on the top runs to the pylon. The key here is Decker. He runs about a step forward and rockets 45 degrees to the Jets symbol.

That little bit of forward move gets the defender to the inside, while Decker cuts hard to the outside. This will open up space.

Here the result of the space, Decker is wide open and Fitz throws a lazy floater perfectly to the arms of Decker.

Talk about a way to end the game. When you go back to this team in 5 years it will be interesting. Are Decker and Marshall truly elite WR in combination? Or is it the case of two good but not great WR having bounce back years in sync only to take a step back in future years? Time will tell.