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NFL Playoff Bracket: Jets Would Play Bengals in Playoffs if the Season Ended Today

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Last night's victory by the Denver Broncos over the Cincinnati Bengals caused the two to flip in postseason positioning in the AFC. The Bengals entered the evening holding the second spot in the conference. Denver was number three. After the win by the Broncos, Denver is now number two, while Cincinnati is the third team.

Here are the current AFC Playoff matchups.

1. New England bye

2. Denver bye

6. Jets at 3. Cincinnati

5. Kansas City at 4. Houston

On the NFC side, there is clarity in the teams who will be participating. We know the six NFC Playoff teams entering the final week of the regular season. The seeding is murky, however. Washington is locked into the fourth spot. The other seeds are up in the air. If the season ended today, here is where things would stand.

1. Carolina bye

2. Arizona bye

6. Seattle at 3. Green Bay

5. Minnesota at 4. Washington