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AFC Playoff Picture: Broncos Win Over Bengals Keeps Jets in Sixth Place

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Broncos beat the Bengals in overtime 20-17. Denver overcame a 14 point deficit to do so. Because of this result, the Jets remain in sixth place in the AFC standings. A Cincinnati win would have moved the Jets into fifth place, one win away from a date with the AFC South Champion in the first round of the Playoffs. Denver's win also closed a potential path to the Playoffs for the Jets. A Broncos loss to the Bengals coupled with another loss to the Chargers in Week 17 would have guaranteed Gang Green a postseason spot. The Jets still have two ways to get in, by beating the Bills or Pittsburgh losing to Cleveland.

With the win, the Broncos clinched a postseason spot.

The up to date AFC standings are below.

1. New England 12-3

2. Denver 11-4

3. Cincinnati 11-4

4. Houston 8-7

5. Kansas City 10-5

6. Jets 10-5


7. Pittsburgh 9-6

8. Oakland 7-8

9. Buffalo 7-8

10. Indianapolis 7-8

11. Jacksonville 5-10

12. Miami 5-10

13. Baltimore 5-10

14. San Diego 4-11

15. Cleveland 3-12

16. Tennessee 3-12