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Jets Week 16 Game Ball: Quincy Enunwa

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Every now and then somebody will say the criteria for the game ball each week is inconsistent. That is probably true. I think there are certain things where there should be a consistent formula. To me a game ball is more of a gut decision.

This week I am going with Quincy Enunwa. Enunwa had a huge 48 yard catch and run in overtime that put the Jets in business right before the game-winning touchdown. This was after he could not come up with what would have been an equally big catch late in regulation on a pass that hit him in the hands. How did the young guy respond to such a critical miscue in such a big spot? He went out and made up for it.

Enunwa was in the running for the game ball last week. I gave it to Kenbrell Thompkins. This week Enunwa gets my game ball. Who gets yours?