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Belichick Said He Wanted to Kick Off in Overtime

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Today's overtime game between the Jets and Patriots featured some controversy as Matthew Slater made an error after the overtime coin toss. New England won the coin toss, but Slater said he wanted to kick off. Because Slater asked to kick off, it both gave the Jets the ball and allowed them to take the wind with their back in overtime.

Bill Belichick said he wanted to kick off to start overtime.

You get to choose to either kick, receive, or take the wind after the coin toss. What Slater should have done is take the wind. Then the Jets would have had a choice to kick or receive. They would have chosen to receive but not had the wind.

In any event, the Jets scored a touchdown on their first series so the wind did not come into play as it might have on a long field goal attempt. Since Belichick wanted to kick off, Slater really did not cost the Pats anything.

Belichick's decision to give the Jets the ball, however, will likely get scrutiny.

UPDATE: The Jets agree with the decision.