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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Control Their Own Destiny

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Jets victory over New England coupled with Baltimore's 20-17 win over the Steelers puts the Jets in control of their own Playoff destiny. The Pittsburgh loss coupled with Kansas City's win also clinched a postseason spot for the Chiefs. Despite New England's loss today, the Pats can still clinch the top seed in the AFC Playoffs with a win next week over Miami or a Bengals loss in one of their last two games.

The rest of that is just noise, though. If the Jets beat the Bills next week, they are in the Playoffs!

Here is where things stand in the AFC after the Week 16 early afternoon games.

1. New England 12-3

2. Cincinnati 11-3

3. Denver 10-4

4. Houston 8-7

5. Kansas City 10-5

6. Jets 10-5


7. Pittsburgh 9-6

8. Oakland 7-8

9. Buffalo 7-8

10. Indianapolis 7-8

11. Jacksonville 5-9

12. Miami 5-10

13. Baltimore 5-10

14. San Diego 4-11

15. Cleveland 3-12

16. Tennessee 3-12