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Jets vs. Patriots: 5 Bold Predictions

The final home game of the year gets bold

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

What more is there to write about this game? Oh right, bold predictions. On it. Disclaimer:  A Bold Prediction is something that is neither probable nor impossible. Bold Predictions are not meant to be likely to happen, but they must be achievable. Predicting that Zac Stacy will run for 500 yards this week is not a Bold Prediction. Claiming that Brandon Marshall will have at least 1 reception is also not a Bold Prediction. Predicting that Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the NFL in passer rating this week, on the other hand, certainly qualifies (any week.) Bold Predictions are unlikely, but possible. Here are mine:

1) The Jets spring out to such a large lead early that the Patriots rest Brady.

2) Chris Ivory rushes for 2 TDs in the first half.

3) The Jets don't allow a single sack.

4) Jets tight ends and running backs account for over 150 receiving yards.

5) Eric Decker goes over 1000 receiving yards on a touchdown catch in the first half.

Bonus Prediction: At some point, the camera will show everyone leaving Brady hanging on a high five attempt.

What about you?  What are your Bold Predictions for the Jets against the Patsies?