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Is Nick Mangold a Hall of Famer?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

I am shamelessly stealing this #content idea from reddit, so you can take a look at the original thread here.

In ten seasons, Mangold has made the Pro Bowl six times (only ten centers have ever been to more). He has made first team All-Pro twice and second team once. ProFootballFocus has named him an All-Pro four times.

In fact, ProFootballFocus has rated Mangold as the following among centers in the league since 2007:

2007 2nd
2008 1st
2009 1st
2010 2nd
2011 2nd
2012 6th
2013 19th
2014 1st

That seems like Hall of Fame material, no? However, as one user on reddit notes:

There have been seven pure centers selected into the HOF in the modern era. The last time one was inducted was Mike Webster in 1997.

It's a rare event for a center to get in, and the ones who are in have had some postseason accolades as well.

I don't think Mangold gets in.

In short, Mangold has nearly universally been recognized as one of, if not the, best center in football over the past ten years. In the very few games that Mangold has been forced to miss, the Jets have struggled in particular. But is that enough at a position that doesn't lend itself to gaudy stats. If Kevin Mawae is struggling to make the Hall of Fame, Mangold probably won't make it. Personally, I think this is enough to make it into my Hall of Fame.