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Jets vs. Cowboys: Pro Football Focus Signature Stats of the Week

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Friend of GGN Andrew sent over some of Pro Football Focus' findings of the Jets' big win Saturday over the Cowboys.

Chris Ivory ran for only 14 yards on 9 carries between the tackles. On his 4 carries outside the tackles, he ran for 23 yards.

I get the feeling this has been the story of the year for Ivory. The run blocking has not been particularly effective. When Ivory has been at his best, he has been creating his own yardage by getting to the corner. Lately, though, I have gotten the feeling Ivory would be better served in some instances lowering his shoulder and grinding out a couple of yards. I think he tries to go outside too side a bit too frequently instead of taking modest gains.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson tied for the most total pressures allowed among all Left Tackles in Week 15 with 6 (5 hurries, 1 hit allowed)

It has been a rough season for Brick. He really seemed to have his hands full on Saturday with Dallas' rush off the edge.

James Carpenter was the 2nd highest rated Guard in terms of run blocking during week 15.

This one is interesting because of how poor the Jets' interior run blocking looked.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was only blitzed 6 times in Week 15 which was the least amount of blitzes a Jets opponent has sent this year.

This one simply goes back to Dallas' philosophy. They don't like to blitz. They rely on their front four to get home and drop seven to avoid the big play. Unfortunately for them, they failed to stop it.

Brandon Marshall was successful in his matchup vs Brandon Carr, catching 4 passes on 7 targets for 74 yards.

Marshall has been winning the big matchups all year long. Even though he was held to four receptions, the catches he made tended to be important.

Mo Wilkerson had his lowest graded game of the season in Week 15, grading negatively in Pass rush and Run D

I think we can forgive Mo for having an off night. He has been fantastic this season.

Damon Harrison was a beast in the run game, garnering 5 stops which was tied for the most among all DT's in Week 15.

Harrison has really come on as a run defender in recent weeks. It seems like Todd Bowles has been using him less as a space eater the way Rex Ryan did and is allowing him to attack and make plays.

Sheldon Richardson was tied for the most total pressure among 3-4 DE's in Week 15 with 6. (1 sack, 1 hit, 4 Hurries)

For as much as was made out of Dallas' success running the ball, almost half of their yardage came from two outside runs where Richardson failed to contain. He did at least make up for it to some extent with the success he had getting after the quarterback.

Erin Henderson had a rough day in coverage, allowing all 3 of his targets to be completed for 34 yards

David Harris is a very important piece to the defense. I'm not sure how much of it is because of his coverage. It is still nice to have a guy who has been a quality starter able to step in, a few receptions against notwithstanding.

Darrelle Revis did a good job covering Dez Bryant, allowing only 2 catches on 7 targets for 25 yards and a TD on a quick screen.

The night was a mixed bag for Revis. The numbers look good, but that screen did result in a touchdown. It was a good read by Kellen Moore getting rid of the ball off the blitz. Revis was playing too soft, and Dez Bryant took advantage. Dez was neutralized other than that, though. He also did catch the gift Matt Cassel delivered to him. This might have been a microcosm of Revis' season. He's not invincible like he was five years ago, but he's still very tough to get much against.