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Jets Fate In The Hands Of The Football Gods

You can't worry about what you can't control.

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It's only natural for us to look at the different play-off scenarios. We all want to be in the post-season, especially after a 4 year absence. However with the New England Patriots on the horizon, we can't make the mistake of looking past them. We need to take care of business first and foremost. With the schedule as it is for all three teams, a loss would be devastating to our chances.

However we're in this position because we didn't take care of business against the Bills, against the Texans, against the Raiders, against the Eagles. All teams that I would fancy us to beat if we were to play them now. With a very manageable schedule, we've left our fate in the hands of others, it's a horrible situation to be in, but it's a result of our own doing.

"You have to win the last two games and just hope for the best."  Bowles stated "That's all you can do. We don't know what our chances are. We don't control our own destiny, we can just control the two the teams we play against, so we're just going to try to win those two games and make positive steps going forward"

The Jets will face the 12-2 Patriots, while the Steelers head to face the 4-10 Ravens, and the Chiefs face the 3-11 Browns. Logic would suggest that the Steelers and Chiefs both win easily, however the NFL doesn't follow any logic, on their day, anyone can beat anyone.

The Jets can only control what they can control, and beating the Patriots is tough enough as it is. However we showed earlier this year that we can play with New England, and we've grown as a team. We've won some close ones and we've won some tough ones, and we're still standing with two weeks to go.

If both the Steelers and the Chiefs win and the Jets manage to upset the Patriots, we'll turn our attention to the Bengals trip to Denver on Monday night. If the Bengals defeat the Broncos, couple with a Chiefs win, Kansas would take the lead in the AFC West and the Jets would hold a conference tie-breaker over the Broncos. Denver would fall to 6-5 in the AFC with a loss to the Bengals, while the Jets would improve to 7-4 with a victory over the Patriots, both teams would have an overall record of 10-5.

At the end of the day, our destiny is in the hands of the football gods.

"If the football gods deem that we are worthy, and somehow we win these last two games, maybe we will, maybe we won't (get into the playoffs), but you can't worry about it because you can't control it." - Bowles