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Jets Week 15 Game Ball: Kenbrell Thompkins

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the game ball is given for an outstanding performance over four quarters. Sometimes it is less about playing a complete game than it is about making one game-changing play. This week's game ball falls on the game-changing play side.

Kenbrell Thompkins' 43 yard reception was an extremely important part of Saturday's win. It put the Jets into field goal range in the final minute, setting up Randy Bullock's game-winning kick. Thompkins beat Byron Jones clean on the play to create separation and a big window for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Thompkins only saw his playing time go up due to Devin Smith's injury, and he was ready. In one play, he might have made a bigger positive impact than Smith did all season.

Sometimes you need a guy to come off the bench and make a play to win you the game. Sometimes you need to turn to a guy after somebody else gets hurt. For years, the Jets have struggled to get contributions out of guys from their bench. This season they are getting them. It is not always about somebody becoming a star. It is frequently about chipping in a big play here or there.

Thompkins did this so he gets my game ball. Who gets yours?