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Eagles vs Cardinals Game Thread

This one is for the birds.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football, week 15. The 2015 NFL regular season is rapidly drawing to a close. Tonight we have a matchup between an elite Arizona Cardinals team and a mediocre Philadelphia Eagles team that is nonetheless fighting for an NFC East title. The Cardinals have a leading MVP candidate in veteran quarterback Carson Palmer, perhaps the best and deepest group of receivers in the NFL, and a nasty defense. The Eagles counter with, well, mediocrity at quarterback in the person of Sam Bradford, a decent but not great defense, decent but not great receivers, a very good running back in DeMarco Murray, and an innovative but embattled head coach who may be better off in the college game. On paper this game looks like a mismatch in favor of the Cardinals, but if upsets never happened they wouldn't need to play the games. Arizona does have the disadvantage of the cross country travel and change of time zones to deal with. Perhaps that will be enough to keep the Eagles in this game.

Enjoy the game everybody. Discuss the game here. The usual rules apply. Do not ask for links to illegal broadcasts of games. Do not provide them either.