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AFC Playoff Picture: Chiefs Beat Ravens; Jets Don't Get Help

Rob Carr/Getty Images

In the early afternoon NFL games in Week 15, the Jets were pulling for the Ravens to beat the Chiefs. A Baltimore win would have put the Jets in control of their own Playoff destiny. The Jets did not get help as Kansas City defeated Baltimore 34-14. The Ravens helped Kansas City along the way. The first Chiefs touchdown was on a drive extended by a late hit penalty after a third down stop. The Chiefs also scored touchdowns after a failed fake punt and on interception and fumble returns.

The Kansas City win drops the Jets into sixth place in the AFC before the late afternoon games. Denver against Pittsburgh is the most important late game from the Jets perspective. A Pittsburgh loss would be very helpful. A San Francisco win over the Bengals also might be of some help.

In other news, Rex Ryan and the Bills were officially eliminated by their 35-25 loss to Washington. Houston came a step closer to winning the AFC South by beating the Colts in Indianapolis 16-10.

The full AFC standings after the early games are below.

1. New England 12-2

2. Cincinnati 10-3

3. Denver 10-3

4. Houston 7-7

5. Kansas City 9-5

6. Jets 9-5


7. Pittsburgh 8-5

8. Oakland 6-7

9. Buffalo 6-8

10. Indianapolis 6-8

11. Miami 5-8

12. Jacksonville 5-9

13. Baltimore 4-10

14. San Diego 3-10

15. Cleveland 3-10

16. Tennessee 3-11