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NFL Week 15 Open Thread

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are in the clubhouse with a win under their belt. Now all we can do is watch.

There are a number of games with implications for the Jets. The Chiefs visit the Ravens in the early afternoon broadcast window. In the late afternoon, the Broncos visit the Steelers. Of less importance, the Bengals visit the 49ers late. Wins by Baltimore, Denver, and San Francisco would help the Jets.

In other news, the undefeated Panthers visit the Giants in the Meadowlands. In a meaningless parallel, the Broncos were 13-0 in 1998 like the Panthers are now and lost a road game to the Giants. Will history repeat itself? We will have to wait and see.

Houston and Indianapolis meet in a game that should go a long way towards deciding the AFC South. Other games pit Atlanta vs. Jacksonville, Chicago vs. Minnesota, Tennessee vs. New England, Buffalo vs. Washington, Green Bay vs. Oakland, Cleveland vs. Seattle, and Miami vs. San Diego.

Enjoy the games, and leave your thoughts below. Additional threads will be posted as needed.