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NFL Playoff Picture: Jets Week 15 Rooting Guide

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver over Pittsburgh: The most likely scenario for the Jets making the Playoffs involves them winning out and either Kansas City or Pittsburgh losing once along the way. Of the remaining games on the Chiefs' and Steelers' respective schedules, this is the most likely to result in a loss on paper. The Broncos are 10-3 and fighting for a bye. It is a good team that needs this game.

Baltimore over Kansas City: The Ravens have had an awful season, but they can help the Jets out a lot the next two weeks. Before next week's game against the Steelers, today they host the Chiefs. A Baltimore win gives the Jets control of their own destiny. A Ravens win followed by a Broncos victory over Pittsburgh gives the Jets control of their own destiny for the coveted five seed in the AFC and a first round game against the AFC South Champion.

San Francisco over Cincinnati: It is a very unlikely scenario, but a hedge against the Steelers winning would involve the Bengals losing out. It is conceivable the Steelers could win the division. If the Bengals lose out, they would be stuck at 10 wins, while the Jets can get to 11 wins by winning their last two.