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The Odell Beckham, Jr. Show: New York Giants Q&A

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday, the New York Jets play the New York Giants in the battle for MetLife Stadium. We asked Ed Valentine of BigBlueView some questions in advance of the match up. Let us know your thoughts below.

1. The New York Giants suffered a big loss last week that dropped them to 5-6, half a game behind the Washington Redskins for the NFC East crown. Do their playoff fates rest on this game and just how important is this game to the Giants? As a follow up, if the Giants don't make the playoffs, is this the last we see of Tom Coughlin with the team?

It's the NFC (L)East so who knows if their "playoff fates" rest on winning any particular game? The Redskins stink, which makes Sunday's inexplicable no-show by the Giants unforgivable. At this rate, 7-9 might win the division.

That said, the game is hugely important to the Giants. A win puts pressure on the Redskins, helps in the tie-breakers, and helps the Giants feel better about themselves.

As for Coughlin, I just don't know. There are things you can blame him for, but also the injuries and the lack of depth in some areas is not on him. My sense? If the Giants don't make the playoffs he might just walk away on his own. That could be the case even if they do. As much as he loves coaching, at some point the frustration of dealing with players who don't care as much about winning or trying to be great as he does will wear him down.

2. Assuming Darrelle Revis clears the concussion protocol, his battle against Odell Beckham, Jr. is the premiere match up. What's another match up that's either interesting to you or critical to how this game plays out?

I wrote about Revis vs. Beckham the other day, if your readers are interested. That sounds like a bad idea for the Jets. Two other things I'm looking at. One is Brandon Marshall vs. the Giants corners, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara. I'm interested to see if DRC follows Marshall or if the Giants play sides and just go with the flow. The other thing will be how the Giants, with what might be another patch-work offensive line, handle the Jets' defensive front.

3. What are the best and worst position groups on the Giants?

Oh, boy. Well, the best thing about the Giants is Eli Manning to Odell Beckham. The worst thing? The defense as a whole. They can't rush the passer. I mean, literally can't. No team in the league is worse. The linebackers and safeties stink in pass coverage. The best defensive tackle is lost for the season to an injury. The defense has nothing to hang its hat on.

4. How would you game plan against the Giants?

I would double Beckham no matter which corner plays him, putting a safety over the top at all times. The other thing I would do is challenge the offensive line, especially from the edges.

When the Jets have the ball I'd say do pretty much whatever you want with one exception. He's not Revis in his prime, but why bother throwing the ball toward DRC? The linebackers and safeties are easy targets, so go after them.

5. What are your predictions for the game?

Oh, brother! I want to believe in the Giants, I really do. There are a lot of likable players in the locker room and I've always admired Coughlin. They should be better than they are record-wise. Until this team actually comes up big in a big spot, though, I find it hard to go with them. I keep getting burned when I do. I'm not predicting a score, but I'll take the Jets here.