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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Move into Fifth Place Before Sunday's Games

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's win over the Dallas Cowboys moved the Jets into fifth place in the AFC, one-half game ahead of Kansas City and Pittsburgh before tomorrow's slate of games. The Chiefs have a road game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers host the Denver Broncos. Despite tonight's win, the Jets still do not control their own destiny. A loss by either Kansas City or Pittsburgh would change that.

Oddly, the Jets still would have controlled their own destiny with a loss tonight if Denver beat Pittsburgh tomorrow. They could have lost and still ended the weekend in better position. Oh well, winning is better, especially if the Broncos beat the Steelers tomorrow.

The full AFC standings prior to the Sunday Week 15 games are below.

1. New England 11-2

2. Cincinnati 10-3

3. Denver 10-3

4. Indianapolis 6-7

5. Jets 9-5

6. Kansas City 8-5


7. Pittsburgh 8-5

8. Oakland 6-7

9. Buffalo 6-7

10. Houston 6-7

11. Jacksonville 5-8

12. Miami 5-8

13. Baltimore 4-9

14. San Diego 3-10

15. Cleveland 3-10

16. Tennessee 3-10