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McShay Mocks Leonard Floyd To The Jets

ESPN draft expert has released his all too early mock draft and he has the Jets going defense.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jets in the middle of a play-off push, I've barely thought about the draft outside of some preliminary plans in relation to how we'll cover it here at GGN. However the draft experts at ESPN never take a break from the world of prospect breakdowns and projections.

If you were to ask my opinion right now, I'd want the Jets to go offensive line. However as we've seen recently, the Jets aren't afraid to go best player available, and if Floyd is the BPA when the Jets come to select, then I have no problem with us taking him.

Here is the reasoning behind the mock selection. 2. New York Jets

Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia Bulldogs*

Floyd has outstanding potential as an edge rusher. With a lean frame (6-4, 231 pounds), there's no doubt he needs to improve his ability to take on blocks. But Floyd's speed will always be coveted by defenses from the outside linebacker position, particularly for a team like the Jets who are missing that element in their front seven.

Adding a little speed to this team is never a bad idea, we have Mauldin who I'm very high on but we still have room for improvement there. I haven't broken down any film on Floyd yet so I'd be reluctant to offer a complete breakdown of the prospect.

The mock has Joey Bosa going #1 overall to the Titans. McShay has the Dolphins taking Ronnie Stanley, offensive tackle out of Notre Dame. The Bills taking Taylor Decker, an offensive lineman out of Ohio State. Finally the Patriots are....well selecting nobody, because they were caught cheating and had to forfeit their 1st round selection.