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Muhammad Wilkerson's Disruption

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Muhammad Wilkerson had a huge statistical game Sunday with 3 sacks, 1 batted pass, and 1 forced fumble. In what has been a terrific season, it might have been his best game. Even on a number of plays where he did not receive statistical recognition, he was making an impact.

On this play, Wilkerson took on a role of spy on Marcus Mariota. Against the mobile quarterback, Wilkerson did not rush the passer. His job was to sit back and make sure Mariota did not try to scramble. On this play, Mariota was about to take off, but Mo cut him off eliminating Mariota's ability to run.

Here Mo draws a double team, giving Sheldon Richardson a one on one. Sheldon Richardson one on one is a problem for an offensive line, and he drives right into Mariota, forcing an early throw.

Here is Leonard Williams' sack. This was a pretty disastrous blocking job by the Titans. The domino effect began because they were so focused on Wilkerson. He draws an immediate double team off the snap.

After the snap, Taylor Lewan moves right to double Damon Harrison, leaving Williams one on one against a back, David Cobb. It seems like a mistake by Lewan, but it was created by the focus on Wilkerson leaving the last guy on the line against Williams.

The focus on Wilkerson also leaves a lineman, Leger Douzable, against a fullback. The protection seems to be sliding to the right with a focus on Wilkerson. A lot goes wrong here for the Titans, but it all began with the attention Wilkerson drew.

All of these are further evidence of a really obvious point. Wilkerson is pretty important to this team.