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Beating the Dallas Cowboys: The 4-3 Defense

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you know, the New York Jets run a base 3-4 defense. Todd Bowles is known for his creativity, dialing up among the highest percentage of blitzes in the league. It helps, of course, that the team has an excellent defensive line. It's this defensive line that makes the possibilities interesting against the Dallas Cowboys.

Last year, the Arizona Cardinals under Bowles ran a 3-4 defense that resembles the 2015 Jets in many ways. However, Bowles turned that defense on its head by switching over primarily to a 4-3 front against the Cowboys and their fantastic offensive line. In fact, that was the first time all year they switched to the 4-3 as the primary front, and heavily used their dime package against the Cowboys.

Obviously, things have changed. The Cowboys aren't starting Tony Romo due to injury, and DeMarco Murray isn't with the team anymore. However, the team still has a good offensive line and it makes sense to meet strength with strength. As Defensive Coordinator Kacy Rodgers stated:

So perhaps the Jets will put their four big uglies up front like Bowles has done against the Cowboys previously -- Muhammad Wilkerson/Damon Harrison at defensive tackle and Sheldon Richardson/Leonard Williams at defensive end -- and make sure the Cowboys offensive line can't get any push. Between Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Buster Skrine, and Marcus Williams as the dime package, all the best of luck to Matt Cassel throwing on them when they can't run the ball.

That sounds like a strong strategy and a great utilization of the team's strengths to me... what do you think?