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Ryan Fitzpatrick Throws 25th TD, Reaches Career High

I don't think it can't be overstated just how well Ryan Fitzpatrick has played recently.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jets brought Ryan Fitzpatrick to New York, there wasn't a great deal of fan-fare. However the journeyman Quarterback has continued to improve as the season has progressed and he's on his way to completing his best ever season.

When Fitzpatrick found Bilal Powell with a sidearm pass over the middle he tied a career high with 24 TD passes. With Brandon Marshall exploiting a busted Titans coverage, he helped Ryan Fitzpatrick reach a career high in touchdown passes with 25, and there is still 3 games to go.

There was a three year period where Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing well in Buffalo, which included a 2011 season where he threw for over 3,800 yards. However it's easy to suggest that Ryan is playing better in New York than he ever did in Buffalo. During his 2011 season, he threw 23 interceptions to go along with his 24 touchdowns. In 2012 when he passed for 24 touchdowns and only 16 interceptions while throwing for 3,400 yards, he also fumbled the football 8 times, losing 6 of them.

2015 has been a great year for Fitzpatrick so far as he continues to march the Jets towards the playoffs. He's averaging 7 yards a completion, which ties a career high. He's thrown more TD's than he's ever thrown. He's been sacked just 15 times, which is the lowest mark of his career. His 89.9 rating is the 2nd highest mark of his career.

Over the last three games, all must-wins for the Jets. He's thrown 9 TD's to 0 INT's. He's averaging 310 yards a game through the air over that span and although he'll never be mistaken for an Aaron Rodgers, he's certainly making a case for a contract renewal with the Jets.

Vinny Testaverde holds the single season Jets record for touchdown passes with 29, a mark he achieved in 1998. Would anyone bet against Ryan Fitzpatrick getting 4 or 5 touchdowns over the next 3 games? I wouldn't, in fact I'd be disappointed if he didn't get the record.

At the start of the season, people commented that Ryan was good enough to keep you in games, but he wasn't going to win them for you. Well right now, he's part of the winning formula. He's not doing it on his own, but he's making plays to put us in position to win.