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Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jets Have Not Discussed Extension Yet

Jason LaCanfora reports the Jets and free agent to be quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick have yet to discuss a contract extension.

The Jets have not engaged in any discussions to attempt to extend the contract of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to this point, although they hold the veteran in high regard and could attempt to retain him beyond 2015. Fitzpatrick, who is eligible for unrestricted free agency at the end of the season, would like to return to the Jets, as he shares a strong relationship with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and feels comfortable in this offense.

I do not think there should be any rush to get this done right now. Fitzpatrick has been effective for the Jets, but he also does not have a strong track record in this league. Four years ago, the Bills gave him a big contract extension after a fast start to his season, and his play regressed.

It makes sense to see how the season plays out.

You also have to think about this from Fitzpatrick's perspective. It would make sense that he would be willing to strike a reasonable deal with the Jets. He has bounced around the league with varying degrees of a success. He has a young family and has moved three straight years. After finding a team where he has been successful in a system he is comfortable with, it would be logical that he would want to remain a Jet.

We will see how the rest of the season plays out. At this point, I think Fitzpatrick makes a lot of sense as a fit. He can be the bridge to a young quarterback of the future and then possible slide into a backup role.