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Chan Gailey's Experience Helping First Year New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

I made a comment to a friend last night that by Chan Gailey moving Decker into the slot, he had already become the best offensive coordinator we'd had in 10 years. Now that may be an exaggeration of course, but Bowles is happy to have the former Bills coach on his side.

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So far the coaching staff have been in tune. We run when we need to, we pass when we have to, and we try and do a few things to confuse opponents. We utilize our big physical wide receivers in the right way and we put a collective group on the field that can execute a play a certain way. Just look at Decker in the slot, a position where he can use his exceptional route-running skills to gain separation, he then has the whole field to work with instead of being restricted with a sideline.

Enunwa does have issues catching the football sometimes, but his big physical style wears down defenses and his blocking for a wide receiver is exceptional. The Tight Ends have barely caught a ball between them all season, but why try and scheme for something that's not there. I'd rather my targets go to Decker or Marshall, rather than throw to a tight end because "that's what your supposed to do". Gailey will use a TE when he has one, like Chandler in Buffalo. Bowles was asked about the lack of TE targets and he replied:

A lot of it is scheme. We have personnel. We know (Jeff) Cumberland can catch the ball and we know Kellen (Davis) is capable of going out there and catching the ball. We have a bunch of wideouts that are probably a little more talented that we use at that standpoint, from a three or four-wideout standpoint, so (the tight ends have) been asked to do more blocking.

We do want to run the ball more and having TE's who can block in that regard is very valuable. However I have to believe that we're scheming it that way because we don't have much talent at the position. With Jace Amaro going down at the start of the year, we were left with very little, so we schemed accordingly. Which is a good example of Gailey assessing the roster and planning appropriately.

The experience that Gailey brings to the table is extremely valuable to a rookie head coach. A coach who needs to take on a lot more, and who's time is constantly stretched. When asked about his decision to hire Gailey, Bowles confirmed:

He was in my mind for about two years. We have a mutual best friend in George Edwards, the D.C. (Defensive Coordinator) in Minnesota. Playing against Chan a lot, he did a lot of things that make you think and make defenses adjust, so it was hard to defend against him. Knowing his demeanor and how he relates to players from everything I'd heard, he was the perfect choice for me. Me being a defensive coach, I didn't want somebody that I had to look over their shoulder because I'm not an offensive coordinator. I wanted somebody to command the room, understand and have the respect of the guys and still get the most out of them and Chan was that guy for me.

Gailey hasn't been perfect. We still have things to work on with this offense, but according to Football Outsiders the Jets currently rank 14th in DVOA, which is a far cry from the 27th we experienced last year, 27th in 2013 and 30th in 2012. Obviously we have had an infusion of talent, but that talent still needs coaching.

I'm pretty happy to have Gailey here, and his importance to this coaching staff goes beyond him calling plays on offense.