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NY Jets Week 14 Rooting Guide

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati over Pittsburgh: The Jets do not actually control their own destiny. If the Jets, the Steelers, and the Chiefs all win out, they will finish with the same record. Kansas City and Pittsburgh will get the two AFC Wild Card spots based on tiebreakers. The Jets need one of the two to lose. This would be a good situation. The Bengals are running away with the North so they are not a Wild Card competitor.

San Diego over Kansas City: The Jets need the Chiefs to lose. The Chargers are not in the Playoff race. There is no downside to a San Diego win.

Jacksonville over Indianapolis: This one is about having as many options as possible. Despite Houston's loss last week, the Texans have been playing well. If the Bills game was just a bump in the road, and they continue winning, the Colts going on a losing streak could bump the Texans to the AFC South title and out of the Wild Card race.

Philadelphia over Buffalo: The Jets lead the Bills by a game. That is still too close for comfort. An Eagles win could help here.

Denver over Oakland: The Raiders are fading. They are two games behind the Jets but still not quite out of the race. A loss to the Broncos could finish them.

New England over Houston: This is tempting, a Jets win over Tennessee coupled with a Houston win would put the Jets just two games back in the AFC East race with three to go and a head to head meeting remaining. Even in that situation, however, it would be very unlikely for the Jets to win the division. Better to have a Wild Card competitor lose, particularly when that competitor would beat the Jets in a head to head tiebreaker situation.

NY Giants over Miami: The Giants can pay the Jets back for what happened last week by beating a Miami team that is a longshot for the Playoffs but still technically alive.