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Brandon Marshall: Chance For New York Jets History

Isn't it nice to have a true #1 receiver.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week I tweeted a little fact I researched in relation to the New York Jets never having two receivers score 10 TD's or more in a single season. With Brandon Marshall having 9 TD's and Eric Decker having 8, there is a very high probability that both with have at least 10 scores. A nice little bit of history for this tandem.

However that got me thinking about the other Jets records that could be broken this year, especially single season receiving records. I had planned to write this article yesterday, but I never got around to doing the research. So I was happy to see that friend of GGN and Jets team reporter Eric Allen was also looking into this and he'd done the work for me.

Will all of these records fall? I highly doubt it. I don't think Marshall will get over 1,400 yards, unfortunately we don't play the Miami Dolphins every single week. However, the combination with Decker will 100% result in them being the most successful single season tandem receiver team in Jets history.

I would also bet on him eclipsing the Al Toon record of 93 receptions. As Eric notes, Marshall is already at 71 receptions with 5 games to go. Marshall averages nearly 11 targets a game, and if he hauls in 5 of those in each of the next 5 weeks, he'll pass Al Toon.

Art Powell (1960) and Don Maynard (1965) own the single season franchise record for touchdown receptions (14). If Marshall averages a touchdown a game from here on out, he'll tie the record. If he goes over that, the record is his.

Do any of those records really mean anything for the Jets? Not really. It's nice to have a piece of history, but I'm sure everyone in the building will take team victories over personal success, Brandon Marshall more so than anyone.