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New York Jets: Quincy Enunwa's Blocking

Why is Quincy Enunwa getting more snaps than Jeremy Kerley?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

One question people seem to have these days is why the New York Jets give Quincy Enunwa snaps over Jeremy Kerley. One of the answers might be the way the team is using Enunwa. While he might be listed on the official roster as a wide receiver, Enunwa is essentially being used as a tight end.

The Jets are utilizing him as a blocker. In fact, on two of their three biggest gains running the ball Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, Enunwa took out a defensive lineman on his own.

Chris Ivory started the game with a 16 yard run.

Bilal Powell added a 17 yard yard run later. Enunwa threw a big block to take out the backside defender.

Aside from Chris Ivory's brilliant touchdown run in the second half, these were the two biggest rushes the Jets had in the game. Enunwa took out a defensive lineman on both. On the second, he moved across the field to throw his block.

These might fly under the radar, but things like this are probably what earn Enunwa playing time.