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So Long Coples: Defensive Snap Counts

The Jets haven't been at their best recently, but they did enough to win the game.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars put 436 yards on the Jets defense, however they only managed 23 points. Thanks to a bend but don't break philosophy, and a couple of timely turnovers the defense managed to escape an up and coming Jaguars offense.

The Raiders and Jaguars are two teams packed with offensive talent. Defensively they are poor, but in the last two weeks we've faced some excellent receivers. Saying that, we paid our secondary the money we paid them to come up against the best and limit them. We'll need to continue to improve on the defensive side if we hope to make any play-off push. The key? Getting healthy.

The below numbers are based on the defense playing 66 snaps.

Defensive Line

Muhammad Wilkerson - 61 (92%)

Sheldon Richardson - 56 (85%)

Leonard Williams - 39 (59%)

Damon Harrison - 27 (41%)

Leger Douzable - 13 (20%)

Stephen Bowen - 12 (18%)

A decent day for the defensive line., They limited the Jaguars ability to run the ball and put pressure on Bortles. Unfortunately Bortles has improved drastically with his pocket awareness, and he was able to move away from a lot of pressure. Williams isn't playing quite as much with Richardson back and he's been largely quiet, but he got in on a half sack yesterday and he's still very stout against the run. The Jets are playing a lot of 4 man fronts and that makes sense with the talent we have on the line. Bowen is quietly earning himself a little time on the line.


Demario Davis - 66 (100%)

David Harris - 66 (100%)

Calvin Pace - 23 (35%)

Lorenzo Mauldin - 19 (29%)

Erin Henderson - 15 (23%)

Quinton Coples - 8 (12%)

Coples continues to see his time limited, as a pass rusher who struggles to get to the QB, we can't be surprised about that. He doesn't seem to have a role on this team at the moment, especially with the Jets playing a lot of four man fronts with Davis/Harris and Pace starting at linebacker. I'm still worried about the coverage ability of our linebackers, and the Jaguars failed to attack the middle of the field. Mauldin was impressive, and he adds much needed pace to our team, the two sacks were a big positive for a player who has a lot of talent. I expect Mauldin's snap count to increase and Coples to stay around the 10-15% mark.


Darrelle Revis - 58 (88%)

Buster Skrine - 58 (88%)

Antonio Cromartie - 44 (67%)

Marcus Williams - 28 (42%)

Darrin Walls - 10 (15%)

Now the best game for this unit. Revis was largely impressive again, he got beat a couple of times but it was largely down to Bortles scrambling and Robinson improvising. Cromartie left the game injured in the second half, that was after getting beaten by Allen Hurns on a double move for a touchdown. Cromartie has been struggling this year and I'm not sure if injuries are slowing him down, but he's definitely having a down year. Williams came up big again with the interception and although Skrine got beat for the TD late, he looked relatively healthy again.


Marcus Gilchrist - 66 (100%)

Dion Bailey - 39 (59%)

Rontez Miles - 10 (15%)

Now here is a position that we're really struggling with. Miles came in after both Bailey and Cromartie were lost to injury, Williams had played some safety before the injury to Cromartie. Pryor is still sidelines and if we lose Bailey as well, this is going to be a massive problem area for us. Rontez came in and failed to take the right angle on a big run. We need Pryor back in the worst way.