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NFL Playoff Picture: Jets Move to 5th Place in AFC

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Al Bello/Getty Images

Yesterday's win over the Jaguars along with Oakland's loss to Pittsburgh has the Jets in fifth place in the AFC standings this week. If the season ended today, Gang Green would own the top wild card spot.

AFC Standings

1. New England 8-0

2. Cincinnati 8-0

3. Denver 7-1

4. Indianapolis 4-5

5. Jets 5-3

6. Pittsburgh 5-4


7. Buffalo 4-4

8. Oakland 4-4

9. Kansas City 3-5

10. Miami 3-5

11. Houston 3-5

12. Jacksonville 2-6

13. Baltimore 2-6

14. San Diego 2-6

15. Tennessee 2-6

16. Cleveland 2-7

The most important thing will be getting into the Playoffs, but the race for the top Wild Card spot has major significance this season. The 5 seed in the AFC is going to play the winner of the AFC South in the first round. The 6 seed is going to play whichever team in the New England, Cincinnati, Denver trio has the worst record. I am usually not a big on rooting for one Playoff opponent over another, but it is undeniable there will be a big difference in quality here.