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Thompkins, Kerley, Davis In The Game: Offensive Snap Counts

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The Jets are the walking wounded at the moment, but it's allowing some deep roster guys an opportunity to showcase their talents.

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The Jets are struggling with some offensive injuries. Marshall is banged up, Decker is banged up, Fitzpatrick is banged up, Colon didn't play, Powell didn't play and Mangold left early.

What does all this mean? it means some fringe players are getting the opportunity to play significant minutes. Players like Winters, Davis, Thompkins and Johnson.

Below you will see the snap counts of each position group. The Jets ran 65 offensive plays yesterday so keep this in mind when analyzing the below.


Ryan Fitzpatrick - 65 (100%)

it's good to have Ryan back and he didn't really look to be struggling yesterday. He didn't turn the ball over, his hand-offs looked good. We did work more from the shotgun to take some of the pressure off, and we went to the shotgun almost exclusively once Mangold went out, but it was good to have him in there.

Offensive line

D'Brickashaw Ferguson - 65 (100%)

Breno Giacomini - 65 (100%)

James Carpenter - 65 (100%)

Brian Winters - 65 (100%)

Wesley Johnson - 40 (62%)

Nick Mangold - 25 (38%)

Brent Qvale - 17 (26%)

I thought the unit as a whole had a bit of a nightmare. We weren't able to create any room for Ivory, despite us bringing in an extra tackle. Running to the right side was useless, as Winters and Breno were both beaten off the snap. I thought Jonhson was OK, he had a bad holding call, but when you get beat like that, you take the penalty and protect your banged up QB. Ferguson was again beat for a sack and looked like he was on ice skates, he is now firmly in the average to below average category.

Running Back

Chris Ivory - 51 (78%)

Tommy Bohanon - 24 (57%)

Zac Stacy - 14 (22)

I'll need to look at the game again, but the running backs didn't stand a chance. Defenders were in the back-field before the exchange was complete. Stacy had one nice run and Ivory got the touchdowns, but overall it was a quiet day. I will say that Ivory's receiving ability has improved drastically over the last year, he looked like a danger when given some space to move.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall - 60 (92%)

Eric Decker - 45 (69%)

Jeremy Kerley - 29 (45%)

Kenbrell Thompkins - 28 (43%)

Devin Smith 2 (3%)

Devin Smith barely played and that's not surprising, the rookie has looked lost at times this year. We need to give him some time to develop. He will get better, but he needs to work on his routes and he needs to work on his chemistry with Fitz. Thompkins looked solid if unspectacular. Decker's time was managed with his sore knee, but he is having one hell of a season. Marshall made some key plays, including the onside kick, touchdown reception and fumble recovery. No surprises in here, but it's nice to see Kerley in there.

Tight End

Kellen Davis - 33 (51%)

Jeff Cumberland - 22 (34%)

We all know that the tight ends in this system are there to block. So it's not surprising to see Davis receiving more reps. he is vastly better than Cumberland with his blocking, at least by the eye test. However there was life from our receiving tight end yesterday, and Cumberland came up with a 44 yard reception. It was his only reception on a day when he received 3 targets.