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Nick Mangold Optimistic About Playing Thursday Against Buffalo

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The Jets running game has been close to non existent over the last few weeks, it won't get any better without their all-pro center.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Mangold left the game against Jacksonville early yesterday after the neck injury that forced him to miss last weekends loss against Oakland didn't respond the way he would have liked. He did say that he would not go for any further tests, and it's just about resting up.

Mangold confirmed after the game that it wasn't pain that forced him out, it just didn't respond how he wanted it to. Asked if he was pessimistic about being ready for the short turnaround this week, Mangold replied:

No, (I) can't live that way. I'm very optimistic to get in there and get back to work and hopefully things go better.

The Jets will need their star lineman out there on Thursday against a very aggressive Buffalo defense. Rex Ryan is known for confusing offenses with his complex blitz packages, and having Mangold to organize and call protections will be key.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been outspoken in his respect and admiration for Mangold, saying that the communication is like butter (which I imagine means smooth), and that paragraphs of communication are reduced to just a handful of words because of the understanding.

The Jets failed to establish the run against a Jaguars defense who has been torched on the ground this year. With back-ups in at the RG and C positions, the line collapsed far too frequently, putting the Jets into 3rd and long on numerous occasions.

The Jets are optimistic about right guard Willie Colon being available on Thursday, however it remains to be seen whether Mangold can make it back in time, at least he's optimistic.