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College Football/Draft Discussion Thread

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a big day of college football action.

The big game is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as undefeated LSU takes on Alabama in a game with major implications in both the SEC and the College Football Playoff. The pregame hype brings back memories of the epic overtime game these teams played four years ago.

Number one Clemson has a test today hosting Florida State, the three-time defending ACC champion.

Florida has a chance to clinch the SEC East today with a win at home against Vanderbilt.

Notre Dame is in Pennsylvania for the second straight Saturday as they take on Pittsburgh.

Other undefeateds in action include TCU, Iowa, Michigan State, Memphis, and Ohio State.

Leave your thoughts on the college action below. We will leave this thread up all day for you to talk. Of course, college action included Draft prospects so feel free to discuss which players you think we should focus on watching.