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Jets vs. Jaguars 2015: Game Time, TV, Announcers, Predictions, and More

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Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

CBS has a doubleheader this week. FOX will show one game to each region.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Jaguars at Jets early on CBS

Broncos at Colts late on CBS

Giants at Buccaneers late on FOX

Greg Gumbel and Trent Green will be calling the game tomorrow on CBS, which is scheduled for a 1:00 PM kickoff. As you might imagine, the television footprint for this one will be small. It is limited to markets in New York State, Western New England, Northeastern Florida, Southern Georgia, Eastern North Dakota (?), and Western Minnesota (?). To get a map view to see what games will be shown in your area, click here.

The entire nation will see Eagles at Cowboys Sunday night on NBC and Bears at Chargers Monday night on ESPN.

The GGN prediction widget is embedded below for you to make your pick on the game.