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GGN Chalkboard: Jets Crushed in Black Hole Pt. 2

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The second half featured three TD's, two nice play from the Jets and another terrible tackling performance by the Jets. Let's take a look at the second half.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Jets added a field goal just before halftime. With the game only two scores away from being tied, the Jets had a glimmer of hope. Then this play happened.

It's actually a pretty simple concept that somehow goes for a long TD. Raiders have 4 wide with a running back offset to the right of Carr. Both WR sides run the exact same play. Commonly called scissors in Madden, the outside man runs a skinny post or route straight towards the goalposts. The inside WR runs a wheel route to the outside. Meanwhile the back is simply there as a safety valve.

Long TD

The Jets meanwhile are in a familiar defense... cover one. Everyone not rushing the QB is covering a man with the exception of the deep safety patrolling centerfield. While it's easy to say that's Davis' responsibility, it's not quite that simple. He's got a long way to go to cover the back on the opposite side of the formation heading away from him.

long td defense

Let's give some credit here to Carr. He recognized the coverage and got the ball out quick to the running back giving him a ton of space. Unless Davis makes a great open field tackle, more than likely this is going for a decent gain. Asking a 3-4 MLB to cover this is really asking for trouble.

While it's easy to blame Davis, a ton of credit here goes to the QB and play call for making this play. The back gets outside of Davis, and turns it up field just out of the reach of the diving Davis. Eventually the rest of the defense turns it from nice gain to a TD.

Long TD D

Speaking of the defense why don't we check in with some of our favorite punching bags outside of Davis whose now on the ground? You have Williams who puts his head down and slides safe into home plate harmlessly out of bounds after a quick juke. That was the nearest man in the below image.  Upfield a few yards two other defenders and one blocker are still in front of the play. Since Cromartie has had such a wonderful game for the Jets so far, he decides to take a second or two off and watch the play from the center of the field. The only player who never gave up on the play Sheldon Richardson, who motors his body to try to get the back down from behind.

Richardson came up a bit short in the 40 yard dash here, while Williams and Davis both enjoy the view from the turf. Cro figures he's done enough sightseeing and tries to get in position, but a WR gets in front of him ending his chance. Another defender whiffs while one gets blocked and that's all she wrote.

This play had everything. Two missed tackles (I'm not counting Davis or Richardson either), Cro watching the play from the center of the field instead of motoring over just in case, and a perfect downfield block. But before all of that could happen, the play call was perfect for the defense and Carr read it perfectly. That's a potential QB in the making.


The Jets then decided to at least clock in to work instead of sleeping off their hangover in the parking lot. Geno finds Decker in the end zone to bring it back to a two score game.

Jets lined up with a TE right with Decker in the tight slot. Marshall is flanked out wide left while the Jets lined up in the strong I formation with the FB shifted to the TE side. It's a pretty simple concept here, Davis the TE picks the outside defenders while Decker undercuts them. Marshall is running a fade route, while the TE and FB both run out routes to the sideline. Ironically enough, Ivory who goes to block the weak side opens up the play for an easy TD.

The defense was in man coverage across the board with one of the linebackers... I have no idea what he's doing. Was it a zone, a spy, or simply forgot to rush? Either way he basically stands there. The key players are the outside guy on Decker (whose going to have to fight around a pick) and the man covering Ivory who opens up the middle by flying to Ivory.

Decker cuts into the inside hard off the post route that Keller is running. His defender will have to work around the cluster that is Davis and his defender. Meanwhile the MLB that was perfectly in position to start off with jumped on his man Ivory and now is totally out of the play.

Pretty much Decker is as wide open as you can be four yards out in the middle of the field. He's in between two defenders and there's a corner office window to throw through for Geno. It's a pretty easy pitch and catch.

Two things: One, great concept by Chan. I love the fact that he's using Decker and his ability to stall and get open after the pick play. So hat's off to Gailey for continuing to exploit defenses with plays like this. Two: Davis has found himself a nice little role with the Jets setting up plays like this. I'm not saying he's a star in the making by any means, but so far I'm impressed with him and hope that he continues with this type of play.


And then the kid gets his touchdown. The Jets after giving up a ton of field goals on the day added a touchdown that would ultimately still not mean much when the final whistle blew. This is a simple bootleg/waggle concept where Geno showed some great moves and thinking to buy enough time for Davis to find a window.

Jets line up with a goaline formation. The Jets have three TE's two to the left and one (Davis) to the right. Once again the Jets keep the FB to the strong TE side. The play itself is to the backside and is designed to get the flow going one way and beat them on the play fake. Davis and Cumberland are your two options, and really it's Davis or bust as Cumberland is far behind the play and never was really an option other than running a route.

It works pretty well. Geno finds himself one on one with a LB and Davis is one on one with a defender. That means despite the fact it started 11 on 11, nine of the Raiders are out of the play and it's really comes down to the 4 players and what happens between them. You can see how many Raiders bit and were on the wrong side of the yellow line.

Davis gets pretty much jacked up and instead of running a shallow out route gets forced deep. Geno here has to make a decision he could go for the pylon and try to out run the defender or somehow buy time for a chance to throw it in. The pink is theoretically option number one.

Geno runs to the sideline and does a pull up move. He doesn't really jump back per say, but it buys him a half second or so to give Davis the chance to get open. Davis works hard around the legal interference from the defender and eventually gets behind the defender and runs parallel to the back of the end zone.

Geno has no more time left to buy and slings a pass that beat the defender and somehow goes for a TD.

Geno still has a lot to learn about not taking sacks, but here I'm actually impressed re watching this play. Instead of panicking and diving for the TD or throwing the ball away he smartly bought some time. It was just enough that the hard work of Davis to get free of the defender and around him paid off and gave Geno a window. It's not the most glamorous of plays by any means, but it did show me that at least for one play Geno had shown some progress.