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The Jets Missed Over 20 Tackles Against Oakland

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Newsflash, the Jets played a poor defensive game against the defense, but it was probably worse than you thought.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

If you look at the stat sheet, it will tell you the new York Jets did not have a good game on the defensive side of the ball. In fact it will tell you that they missed 19 tackles in total, a ridiculous amount that will almost always result in a defeat. That sounds bad enough, but if you talk to Todd Bowles, it was much worse than that.

"There were more than that. They were higher. Believe me, they were a lot higher, they were in the 20s". Bowles stated when asked about the 19 missed tackles in the game. Everyone was guilty,. several players were guilty on one play, the 59 yard touchdown by Taiwan Jones. Demario Davis, Sheldon Richardson, Marcus Williams and Marcus Gilchrist had the opportunity to tackle Jones for either a loss or minimal gain. All four of them whiffed on the play and a big touchdown was the result.

No team can get away with missing that many tackles. Not the 2015 Broncos, not the 2000 Ravens, not the 1985 Bears and certainly not the 2015 Jets. So this week we're looking for a comeback performance from the Jets as a whole, but by the defense in particular. We invested a lot of money in this secondary and a lot of resources in this front 7, and their performance was simply not acceptable.

"It’s unacceptable. We weren’t good enough. They know it wasn’t good enough, we know if wasn’t good enough, we have to get better at coaching it, they have to get better at playing it. It is one game, it’s the first time we fell apart like that. We have to come back together and it can’t happen again." the Jets head coach stated as a matter of fact. The good news is that tackling can be corrected and it can be corrected quickly.

PFF states that the Jets have missed 54 tackles this year. Demario Davis is the biggest offender with 9 missed tackles, closely followed by Calvin Pryor on 7, Wilkerson on 6, David Harris on 6, Marcus Williams on 6 and Antonio Cromartie on 5. However the jets have their own system and I'd be willing to bet that their cumulative total is higher than the 54 that PPF have attributed.