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Jets vs. Jaguars: Short Yardage Edge

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Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes short yardage plays can decide games. A critical stand at the goal line or stop on a fourth and short can swing momentum. This is an area where Jacksonville might struggle against the Jets on Sunday.

The Jaguars have only converted 46.8% of the time on third down and fourth down plays with 2 yards or less to go. That is third worst in the league and well below the 60.2% average. The Jets are seventh best in getting stops, only allowing 50.8% to be converted.

The trends are not much better for first or second and goal plays from inside the 2. The Jaguars are only scoring on 27.7% of them, and the Jets allow a touchdown on 25% of those plays.

Part of the problem for Jacksonville might be strategy. On these 22 plays, they have handed the ball to their leading rusher, T.J. Yeldon exactly 3 times. Say what you will about Chan Gailey. The Jets have given Chris Ivory the ball 12 times in short yardage situations.

In any event, this might be something to remember as we head for Sunday.