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Jets vs. Jaguars: Bailey, Williams, Miles to Get a Look at Safety

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Pryor missed practice today. Jets head coach Todd Bowles listed players who might get a look at safety to replace him.

On who will play safety if Pryor is out…

We’re working (Dion) Bailey, we’re working Marcus (Williams), obviously, Rontez (Miles) will get some reps as well if he comes up.

I find myself hoping this is a situation where the Jets keep their competition open. If Pryor cannot go, the guy who best fits the game plan based on what they see should.

The bulk of the work fell to Williams last week, and he had a disastrous game missing tackle after tackle. Bowles did not seem convinced this had to do with him getting safety looks instead of playing cornerback.

On whether he attributes Williams’ struggles in the prior game to not normally playing safety…

His struggles didn’t occur at safety. They occurred at missing tackles. You can do that at corner, nickel or whatever the case may be. He missed some tackles just like everybody else.

I have seen players bounce back from ugly games and play well. I would not rule out the possibility that it was just a rough day at the office for Williams. I think he needs to prove that in practice, though. His performance against Oakland did nothing to entitle him to a starting job.