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Ryan Fitzpatrick to Start vs. Jaguars

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick was back at practice today, and Jets head coach Todd Bowles indicated he will be Sunday's starter against Jacksonville.

On who will be the starting quarterback on Sunday…

Ryan (Fitzpatrick).

On how Fitzpatrick was able to take snaps and deliver handoffs…

They have him taped up pretty good and they have him bandaged up pretty good. He didn’t have any pain or any effect like that so he practiced, and Geno (Smith) practiced as well so we have bot

For Fitzpatrick's part, it sounds like this is going to be a pain issue that he might have to deal with for the rest of the season.

On his thumb injury…

It’s just something I’ve never dealt with before – so (I’m) just kind of getting used to it.

On what it feels like…

Well, it’s painful enough to get me out of changing diapers, that’s been the one positive (joking).

Bowles also indicated Geno Smith is expected to be the backup as he deals with injury issues of his own.

On if the game were tomorrow, Fitzpatrick would be starter and Smith would be the reserve…


My preference was for Fitzpatrick to be back, but my big hope was that either he or Geno would be ready to play on Sunday. Whether or not Bryce Petty eventually develops into a quality quarterback, it likely would have been ugly had he been forced into the lineup Sunday.

Given Fitzpatrick's situation, this still might be the type of game where the Jets keep three quarterbacks active as a precaution.