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Five Questions with Big Cat Country

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

We had the chance to speak to Ryan Day of Big Cat Country, and here's what he had to say about this week's matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

1. The Jaguars have a young roster that includes, among others, Blake Bortles, T.J. Yeldon, Marqise Lee, Denard Robinson, Julius Thomas, Allen Robinson, and Allen Hurns. While I understand some, like Lee, have been injured, whom do you blame for the 2-5 start to the season? Does this fall on Gus Bradley, or is there someone else at fault?

I think it falls on the head coach. There's nothing quantifiable I can really say "Gus Bradley is to blame for so-and-so" like a decision that led to a loss, except to say that the team has played incredibly flat in the second half. Our first half play, on both sides of the ball, is always competitive and always to the level where we could win the game, but the same drive, aggressiveness, and tone aren't there once you get midway through the third quarter.

I also question some of Bradley's personnel decisions. Benching Davon House for Dwayne Gratz against the Buffalo Bills nearly cost us the game. Going with Jason Myers was probably the wrong decision in hindsight. Not putting Marqise Lee on injured reserve and freeing up his roster spot for another linebacker or defensive lineman is also suspect.

2. Who is someone on the roster that Jets fans might not know about, but could play a big role in Sunday’s game?

Ryan Davis. He's one of our best pass rushers, even though Davis lines up along the interior. He comes in situationally (although not giving him more snaps is another questionable move by Bradley, if we're being honest) and he could wreak havoc on you on third downs.

3. How would you game plan against the Jaguars offense and defense?

Against our offense, I'd stop the run and play zone. Blake Bortles has a harder time (and our receivers have a harder time) finding open throws and open spaces in Cover 3. I'd also blitz. Bortles makes very, very bad decisions when he's pressured.

As far as our defense, just throw the ball over the middle. If Paul Posluszny is covering a guy, throw it to him. You'll get yardage nine out of 10 times.

4. What are the strongest and weakest position groups on Jaguars?

I'd say our strongest position group is wide receiver. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are arguably the best wide receiver tandem in the NFL. Bryan Walters is a welcome addition and I didn't even think he'd make the roster in the preseason.

As far as our weakest, it's pass rusher, specifically edge guys. We can't create pressure consistently to save our life.

5. The Jaguars are only one game back in the AFC South, so what are your predictions for the game and the rest of your season?

I think this will end up a close game, but ultimately I think the Jets win by a score of something like 27-21 or 30-20. As far as the rest of the season, I think the AFC South is a race to seven wins and a team could actually win it on a tie breaker at 6-10. The Jaguars are the most stable team in the division, so why can't they be the first team in NFL history to go to the playoffs at 6-10?