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GGN Chalkboard: Jets Crushed in Black Hole

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Just about everything you can imagine went wrong this past Sunday. From bad coverages, to mind boggling play calling and yep injuries, Oakland was a house of horrors.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was rough for the Jets in more ways than one. I watched a few plays of the game tape and wanted to throw something. I can't imagine the coaches were too happy. What I saw was a ton of blown man to man coverage: first by Skrine and then Cromartie gave us a daily double of watching his man score.

Let's take a look at the first half. Warning: It's even uglier watching it on film again.


I'm trying something new this week. I'll start off by showing you the gif then breaking it down as I usually do. This way you can watch in real time then see the explanation.

First play is Skrine getting beat on a fade route after Oakland drove the field. There's not a lot more than that really, but let's take a look at it.

The Raiders line up with 3 wide two to the right and one left. A tight end and back both help out in blocking. It's a pretty straightforward play here from the Raiders... all three run either fades or a seam route.

Oakland td one

Meanwhile, the Jets run an all out blitz and play man behind it. With man defenses, it comes down to the individual defensive backs to cover their guy or it can be an easy score... like this was. Skrine took a weird angle where his back was to the inside but I think he took one false step towards the back of the end zone toward the middle of the field. That little step would open up the fade route.

Oakland td fade

Here the WR has all the separate you need to complete this pass. The key is the QB has to throw it up just far enough out of the defenders reach but inside the end zone.

Oakland fade

Carr does both, throwing a floater that drops in well out of the reach of Skrine.

That's as simple as football can be. One false step can kill you if your QB and WR are both on the same page.


The next play is more of the same. this time Cro  took a few wrong steps, and then forgot to wrap up along with far too many Jets.

Oakland had the ball on the Jets 39 and lined up with 4 wide. 3 were to the right of Carr with a 4th spit out left. The back is on the left of Carr running a emergency valve pattern. The left WR runs a comeback while the two right side WR run in routes with the middle WR running a deep post. The man important to this play runs a deep in route just beyond the linebackers.

Speaking of the linebackers, they play the running back what looks like either a lurk or QB spy, switching assignments on the fly when the TE cuts across the face. Everyone else is in man coverage, with the exception of the safety whose deep patrolling centerfield. It's a 4 man rush, and frankly the rush sucks. Carr has all day.

Again, with a better rush this isn't possible. Cro gets totally fooled though on the cut. He jumps to the outside corner and watches the WR cut inside. He's toast on this play. Everyone else does a decent job one on one. The safety is helping covering the middle post route.

Oakland in

Once the WR cuts across Cro, this play takes shape. Carr just has to get the ball beyond the linebackers which isn't too hard. The man is that wide open with Cro just beginning to realize that his man took a left at Albuquerque. Cro botched this one really badly, but the line deserves a ton of blame too. There was not one iota of pressure on Carr. He had all day to wait for something develop.

Oakland in td 3

And then a calamity of errors. Two guys smash into the receiver at the same time canceling each other out. Williams stops totally and then doesn't do much more than get his hands on the receiver. Another guy misses the tackle and it's 14 to 3.

Oakland in td 3

Two things: We all know that Cro has played pretty poor all year. In this case, he's somewhat excused. The line did nothing to cause pressure giving Carr all day. However, this isn't a case where Cro held his man in check for awhile and then broke down on a scramble drill. This is him guessing and whiffing on the play, so he still gets a big fat "You Blew It.."


Mr Cromartie wasn't done with giving up long scores. Another second quarter touchdown put the Jets in a big hole.

Oakland lined up in 4 wide with two on each side and a TE lined up near tight. The routes run from top to bottom are a 10 yard comeback route, 15 yard dig route (Post that turns into an in route), out route and go route. The two routes that normally would be targeted are the out route (Trying to clear a CB and hit a quick completion) or the deep dig route (either zone or blown man coverage), but in this case Carr goes up top to beat the Jets.

Oakland goes long

Once again the Jets find themselves in cover one lurk, with 5 of the Jets rushing, most playing man and one man deep patrolling the center of the field short (LB) and deep (safety). Cro is linked up with the bottom wide out. The Jets send five and like last time, there's zero pressure.

Oakland goes long 2

The ball is out quicker, taking advantage of the safety playing center field and the long distance he needs to cover to get to the pass. It's really a one on one matchup between Cro and the WR. Cro does a pretty good job in the first few yards in coverage. Everyone else is pretty spot on in coverage, so it's a pretty smart idea to take the shot up the sideline with the pressure just starting and I mean just starting to mount.

Oakland goes long 3

The problem occurs roughly 20 yards downfield. Cromartie catches up the wide out and bangs into him. Whether or not the WR pushed off is tough to judge, there wasn't a great view of the contact at least that I saw.

OAK goes long 3

Cro bounces off the wideout and is a few yards behind the catch. Is it possible that Cro was arm barred and used as leverage, yes. Could it just be incidental and Cro hoping for a flag, you bet. Either way the WR ends up gaining a ton of separation from Cromartie and the safety is still a ways away from being able to make the play.

The Jets found themselves in deep trouble and it wasn't nearly halftime yet.


Meanwhile on offense, it was a mixed bag of awfulness the second Geno stepped in. He wasn't really asked to do much the first few drives, but the first play that was truly his to make, he made a mistake.Partially to blame is the play call in my opinion. Given it feels like there's as good of a chance of a pick as there is a completion, Chan calls for deep routes on first down.

The Jets line up with two WR, one on each side with two TE right, one lined up tight and another in the wing. Ivory is the deep back. He ends up eating it coming out the backfield and ending up on his back. One TE stays into block while the other runs a delay route up the seam. Both WR are going long on this play.

Oakland runs what I'd call a combination coverage. The linebackers play zone through the middle, while the corners are in straight man coverage. Woodson, the ageless wonder is playing a deep cover one, looking for anything going long while 5 men go after Geno.

The protection was solid all the way around. Geno had time to think over options, but pulled the trigger on the deep route to the bottom wide out. Woodson was deep, and similar to the play Oakland had just scored on, had the pass gone towards the sideline or even back shoulder, there might have been a window for this pass to be complete marked in pink.

Geno though unleashes fury and a ball that hangs longer than some punts I've seen the Jets kick. Woodson is on his high horse getting over to the spot, while the WR has a step or two on the corner. It's not a bad decision per say. It's more of an execution, because the ball hangs up a long enough time that Woodson ends up cutting it off.

Take a look at the above image. Was there going to be an open receiver at all? I doubt it. First off the pass was out early so Woodson broke to it; had Geno waited Woodson probably helps out on the seam route that gets open in the below image. Decker was covered pretty similarly up top like Marshall was and with Woodson covering deep even that pass is really iffy. To me there was no good options and Geno threw it up hoping to slip it into Marshall before Woodson got over to cover it.

Part of this is the pass, which seemed to float a bit on Geno. Another half of this is the play design. No one is truly what I would say is wide open. Sure there's windows, but at least the way I see it, this play was neutralized by the defense and the only safe option (Ivory), was taken out early in the play via a fall.

It was an ugly first half but there you have it. I'll have the second half plays in another post, which actually shows some good plays for once.