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Jets Game Ball Week 12: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Al Bello/Getty Images

When I give out game balls, I have two rules. Whenever possible, I try to avoid giving them out to repeat winners, and I try to avoid giving them to the quarterbacks. Sometimes events make it impossible to follow these rules. This was one of those times.

Thus far, a lot of the praise Ryan Fitzpatrick has received this season has been qualified. He has not been playing well at quarterback. He has played well enough to win games. He has played at the level of a top flight quarterback. He has played at a level higher than Jets fans have seen from Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, and Michael Vick over the last few seasons.

Yesterday was different. Fitzpatrick played really well. This is not relative. He was just good. His passes were on target. The chemistry he has developed with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker showed on the timing and placement of his passes. He knew which matchups to exploit. He moved well within the pocket. He made smart adjustments at the line. The result was a great day with 4 touchdown passes.

For this, Ryan Fitzpatrick gets my game ball. Who gets yours?