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Devin Smith Happy To Contribute To Jets Victory

It may have taken longer than anyone had hoped, Devin included, but he finally has his TD grab.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It's not been an easy week for the Jets 2nd round selection. After losing a fumble that was returned for a touchdown against Buffalo and then dropping a relatively straight forward touchdown against the Texans it would have been easy for the rookies head to drop. Bowles remained upbeat about the former Ohio State prospect, saying he was playing much faster and it was only a matter of time, well he was right. Devin Smith caught a 16 yard touchdown from Ryan Fitzpatrick in the 2nd quarter for his first professional score.

"I was just glad I could make a play for this team and it was a step closer to winning the game." Smith said immediately following the game. "It’s more of a feel thing. He’s thrown that pass plenty of times in practice. I know where I need to be and  he knows where he needs to put the ball". Whether it was a trust throw or a feel throw, it was an important one. It put the Jets up 14-0 heading into half time, and well on their way to the 6th victory on the season.

When you have a rookie going through some struggles, you need a veteran or two to guide them through. It's tough to go through struggles as soon as you land in the league, it''s tough to deal with all the pressure that comes with being an underperforming rookie, but this is what happens to a lot of rookies. They need time to get their feet under them, they need time to learn a new play-book so they can play fast, play loose without thinking too much.

"All the guys on the team were right there with me. They were basically saying don't worry about what happened last week. Just keep moving forward and working hard like you have been". Smith commented when asked about what the locker room had to say to him. We have to remember that Smith missed significant time in camp through injury, really hindering his development. Now he's catching up and I'll stick by what I said when we drafted him, he can be an elite talent.

Jets veteran wide receiver Marshall was visibly pleased for Devin and spoke of his talent level. Marshall led the Jets against the Dolphins with 9 receptions for 131 yards and 2 touchdowns  "We're all interconnected. We're in it together. We're only as good as our weakest link. He's been down and it just hasn't happened for him. I just know how good he can be. We saw that in camp. You guys saw it in camp, you were there every day. Him making the play he got hurt on was a spectacular play. And if he can do that, he's going to take my job soon"

Devin finished the game with 2 receptions for 33 yards and a touchdown. Not eye-opening numbers, but getting that first touchdown would have felt good. Smith can use that to springboard his season and build on his rookie development as we get to the business end.

"I feel great for the kid. He's been practicing and getting better." - Bowles said after the victory. Every Jets fan should be pleased for Devin.